O Sports Show 005: Nate and Steven Return

In the fifth episode of the O Sports Show, Nate and Steven return to give their analysis of the NBA Playoffs thus far. Nate adds to the conversation by discussing the Miami Heat and their victory against Toronto in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals. We briefly talk about the Stevens Pistons and their disappointing loss to the Cavaliers in the first round. Like we did on Monday, the guys talk about Steph Curry’s injury and how it will affect the Warriors in the short term, as well as, the long run. The NFL Draft concluded this past weekend and once again we talked about Jared Goff and Carson Wentz going #1 and #2 in the draft. Scott asks Nate his opinion on the Chargers drafting Joey Bosa with the 3rd overall pick instead of Laremy Tunsil. It’s also discussed how the Chargers will fare in the AFC West following all of their potentially underrated draft class. Steven talks about the Raiders and their 1st selection: Karl Joseph, the Safety from West Virginia. Since we are talking about the Raiders and Chargers, we discuss the AFC West  and how each team will do following the draft and also talk about how it is the most competitive division in the NFL. Make sure you listen to the whole episode so you can hear about all of our loyal sponsors. Mod3sto produces our music for the show. so that intro and outro you hear is by them. BSteez Visuals, our graphic designers for the show, they will be making our logo. Our new sponsor, IAM New Productions, a filming company that makes movies and skits. Be sure to listen for more information on the Cleveland baseball camp that is coming up later this month. Be sure to like and share this episode and tune in on Saturday for the next episode.

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