O Sports Show 007: Steven is on PED’s

On the 7th episode of the O Sports Show, the guys spend the first part of the show briefly discussing the NHL Playoffs and what’s been going on in the MLB recently, which brings up the conversation about PED use and Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista in the face. The guys talk about these first to make room for the NBA Playoffs which has finally come down to the Conference Playoffs. The Raptors play the Cavaliers in the East and the Thunder play the Warriors in the West. The guys give their analysis of the match-ups and their analysis of each team. Around the Horn finally starts again and Scott resumes his role of host and has to ask all of the guys questions mostly focusing  on the NBA, but also includes the draft again, PED use in the MLB, and more!

We would like to thank our sponsors, Mod3sto, they produce music for our show. BSteez Visuals, our graphic designers for the show. Finally, IAM New Productions, a new small filming company. If you would like more information on our sponsors or the Cleveland Baseball Camp then listen to our show, and you will get everything you need. Be sure to tune in next week for episode 8!

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