O Sports Show 011: “Penguins in Five”

In the 11th episode of the O Sports Show, Nate was unable to join us so we had our hockey expert, Nate Taglialegami. With Nate on the show, the guys get into a deeper analysis on the Stanley Cup and Nate explains exactly why the Penguins will win this series in the next game or two. So far, not much has changed in the MLB thus far as far as division leaders go. Earlier this week, boxing great Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 and the guys remember how great of a man he truly was and also as a boxer, role model, and activist. Also, Vanderbilt pitcher Donny Everett tragically passed away as well and the guys share some thoughts on how great of a baseball player he was. The UFC has been all over the news recently and for good reason. We all know the rematch between Jones and Cormier that is coming up but also on the card for that night is the return of Brock Lesnar and his opponent Mark Hunt. It has been announced that Conor McGregor will rematch Nate Diaz on August 20th for UFC 202. The Golden State Warriors have taken a 2-0 series lead on the Cavaliers and suddenly, all hope is slipping away for the Cavs and are now facing a long uphill battle to winning the NBA Finals. The guys  weigh in on how well the Warriors have adapted after suffering some early playoff losses. Will the Warriors lose a game in the Finals? The guys answer that question and much more, be sure to tune in to find out! Make sure you also tune in next week because the NBA Finals could be over by the time we talk again! Thank you for the support!

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