O Sports Show 014: Scott Isn’t a Knicks Fan

After a month of no shows, the guys finally return for their 14th episode of the O Sports Show. Even though no shows have been aired, Scott takes the time to mention all of the moves that they have made for their show. Some of these moves include getting interviews from Will, the guy who runs the popular “NOT SportsCenter” page on Twitter, the Host of the Sports Bar on 610 The Sports Animal, Michael Carlyle, and we are also planning on having a Duke wide receiver on our show as well, who’s name we will release later on our Twitter page. We have also been in talks with some other friendly sports fans across the country who have their own shows and following that would become apart of our team, exclusively under the O Sports Show name. Getting back into sports, the guys talk about the updated standings of the MLB heading into the All Star break and who has surprised us thus far this season. The Red Sox and Cubs also receive some credit for their dominance this season, boasting at least six representatives for their respective ball club (Cubs have 7). Scott brings up the recently concluded Euros and Copa America that took the whole world by storm, after Chile defeated Argentina (again) in the Copa America and Portugal defeated France in the 2016 Euros. This sparks a brief discussion on who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo.  UFC 200 had disappointed a lot of people after Jon “Bones” Jones was caught for a doping violation and didn’t fight in the main event on Saturday night. The Olympics are almost underway, about 20 days until the events start in Rio de Janiero. As much as we have try, the trials for the games just aren’t doing it for us yet and we are anxious for the games to finally start. NBA free agency has been dishing out huge deals and big splashes around the league. Some of these make bad teams good (Knicks) and great teams, even better (Warriors). Scott mispronounces Joakim Noah’s name and is quickly caught by the guys, almost making it like he is not really a Knicks fan. After about a month, Around the Horn is finally played again and due to Nate’s absence, Scott takes over and asks Jeremy, Steven, and Nate T. all the questions. Who will win after this long break? Tune in this week and find out! Thank you for the continued support and be sure to look for announcements on our Twitter, @OSportsShow.

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