O Sports Show 018: Kaepernick Takes a Stand By Taking a Seat

The O Sports Show is back for its 18th episode and it is a good one! Scott is joined by Steven and Beasley and there was no shortage of topics this week. Scott gives updates on the standings in the MLB and what potential playoff pushes we should lookout for. Also, Gary Sanchez has been on a tear for the Yankees, hitting 11 home runs in his first 23 games for New York. Steven just concluded football camp for UNM and we ask him a couple questions on how it went and how the Lobos will look this year and how they will perform in the Mountain West Conference. Carmelo Anthony made the bold statement of claiming that an Olympic gold medal is worth more than an NBA championship. Is this a ridiculous claim or does he have a point to his remarks? Joey Bosa STILL has not signed his rookie deal with the San Diego Chargers and a lot of people are starting to get impatient. All of us on the show think it is a joke and should essentially “grow up” and not be greedy. Ezekiel Elliot was spotted at a pot shop in Seattle before his game against the Seahawks, but when he’s not narrowly starting his career on a bad note, he and fellow rookie QB Dak Prescott are giving Cowboy fans something to look forward to in the future. Colin Kaepernick did something very bold during the national anthem of the 49ers preseason game against the Packers by sitting instead of standing. What does this mean for him and the NFL? We finish our show, talking about fantasy football and the league that we are in. There is some trash talking but all will be decided once we draft our teams, next Saturday, on the 3rd of September.

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