O Sports Show 019: Steven is Feeling Jani

What didn’t happen on this episode? The 19th episode of the O Sports Show features Scott, Jeremy, and Steven as they tackle some important headlines from week 1 in the NFL. We take a look at how we did with our NFL picks from the first week and take a look to our week 2 picks. Nate didn’t join us on the show today but coincidentally, he had the worst pick record and his Chargers blew a huge lead in the 4th quarter to the Chiefs, so naturally, we let him have it even though he was absent. We take a couple minutes each to review how our own football teams did this past week and how we think they will do this upcoming week. The O Sports Show Fantasy League is in full swing and everyone from the show came through with a win except Jeremy and Scott, who ended up losing by .4 points.

Scott’s 7 month old son, Carson, makes his voice heard and decides to jump in on the action and lets the world know how he feels about different teams around the NFL. Since we only had three of us recording today, and we didn’t want our Around the Horn questions to go to waste, we decided to do a lightning round hosted by Scott. This is where things take a turn for the worse, but you’ll have to tune in to the whole episode to find out what happens. This show is a little slower paced because we are focusing on the NFL but it is just as great as our other stuff. Thanks for the support and tell your friends!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors as well. Mod3sto produces the music for our show, check them out on Twitter @WeAreMod3sto and at facebook.com/wearemod3sto. BSteez Visuals, our digital media partners who designed our logo, check them out on Twitter @BSteezVisuals. Both of these sponsors can be found right here on our website osportsshow.com. Check out Panda Aesthetics on YouTube by typing them into the search bar. They will teach you proper habits about lifting and dieting. They have transformed their bodies themselves and if you listen to what they have to say, you can transform your body the same way. Also check them out on Twitter, @pandaaesthetic.

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