O Sports Show 020: No One Wants To Go To Cleveland

We. Are. Back! On the 20th episode of the O Sports Show, Scott and Jeremy fill you in on what is currently going on in the world of sports. We open up the show introducing our new sponsor, The MAC! We have their information down below for anybody who is interested in the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area. The World Series is officially underway and it is destined to be a great one! The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs are currently knotted in a 1-1 series tie as the next three games will be played in Chicago. Both teams seem fairly even in terms of what has been done so far but fortunately, one of these teams will be crowned World Series Champions and will end their respective title drought. The NFL is in the midst of a pretty odd season. Tom Brady is back, the Vikings finally lost after starting 6-0, the Packers seem to still be vulnerable, the Browns are 0-7…That last one isn’t that odd but we thought it should be necessary to recognize their inadequacy in the NFL. Scott and Jeremy make their picks for Week 8 and they are pretty even for the most part, only disagreeing on two games but the guys make compelling arguments for both sides. The guys overall records for their weekly picks aren’t fantastic, but it should be noted that our records are better than most experts on ESPN (just saying…). Fantasy Football is still going strong and we will gladly accept your questions and advice for next week, tweet us @OSportsShow. The guys conclude the show talking about the NBA’s season opener and disappointing losses by the Knicks, Warriors, among others. It has only been one game into the season and it is already looking to be one great season of NBA action.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors as well. Mod3sto produces the music for our show, check them out on Twitter @WeAreMod3sto and at facebook.com/wearemod3sto. BSteez Visuals, our digital media partners who designed our logo, check them out on Twitter @BSteezVisuals. Both of these sponsors can be found right here on our website osportsshow.com. Check out Panda Aesthetics on YouTube by typing them into the search bar. They will teach you proper habits about lifting and dieting. They have transformed their bodies themselves and if you listen to what they have to say, you can transform your body the same way. Also check them out on Twitter, @pandaaesthetic.

We also have a new sponsor, The MAC! Check them out online at macsports.com for more information or call them at 892-9222. These guys were involved in sports in the city of Rio Rancho and now they are offering a great local spot for all your sports needs: Baseball, Basketball, Figure Skating, or Hockey. Rentals will be available November 10th. They will be full operational January of 2017.

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