O Sports Show 021: “The Chargers Are Still a Great Team”

In episode 21 of the O Sports Show, we FINALLY have all four of the guys back in this stellar new edition. The guys start off by discussing the outcomes of their picks for this week and their current standings in picks and as well as fantasy football. Week 8 of the NFL is also covered briefly in the beginning and Nate still thinks the Chargers are a great team despite their record, the other guys are still skeptical about this and refuse to even bring up San Diego. They go right into the NBA, tackling different opinions on the season so far and who we think will win various awards, divisions, and our favorites to go to the NBA Finals and win. The World Series is heavily covered in our new edition of Around the Horn as Scott, Steven, and Nate square off and answer Jeremy’s questions to see who the new champion of the show is! We like to thank all of you for tuning in to the O Sports Show, the support means a ton and we promise to give you guys the best from us and we will try to get back on a recording schedule for everyone!

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors as well. Mod3sto produces the music for our show, check them out on Twitter @WeAreMod3sto and at facebook.com/wearemod3sto. BSteez Visuals, our digital media partners who designed our logo, check them out on Twitter @BSteezVisuals. Both of these sponsors can be found right here on our website osportsshow.com.

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