O Sports Show 023: “Shoe In”

In the 23rd episode of The O Sports Show, Jeremy, Scott, and Steven are joined by a guest and sponsor, Trevin Barnhill. He is half of Mod3sto and he answers some of our questions about their rise from two kids making music in New Mexico to what they have transformed to now and the following that they have gained along the way. After, the guys continue their talks on week 14 in the NFL as well as looking ahead for the rest of the season and the playoffs. The three discuss possible Super Bowl outcomes and move the conversation to the NBA and look at where we stand thus far. So far there is not a ton of surprises as far as the Eastern Conference being wide open and the Western Conference being competitive as always. This leads the guys to their latest version of Around the Horn, being hosted by Steven this time because of his win in the last competition.  The questions include those of the NFL and the NBA. Scott and Jeremy have some pretty good takes but only can be crowned champion. You’re gonna have to tune in to find out who wins!

Check out The MAC Sports website for more information on their 3v3 basketball tournament being held at their facilities on New Years Eve, December 31st. Registration ends on December 23rd so sign up quick before the deadline passes! Follow them on Twitter here @themacsports to get the latest news and info on the facilities and any events coming up. You can visit their website here at www.themacsports.com or give them a call at (505) 892-9222.

Be sure to check out our other sponsors on our home page as well. Follow the links to BSteez Visuals and their YouTube channel and Mod3to and their Soundcloud page. you can follow them on social media @BSteezVisuals and @WeAreMod3sto on Twitter and facebook.com/bsteezvisuals or facebook.com/wearemod3sto.

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