O Sports Show 024: New Year, Same Cleveland

Happy New Year….kind of. The O Sports Show wraps up 2016 with takes from the guys, including Scott, Jeremy, and guest host Erik. They start of by discussing the college football playoff match-ups between #1 Alabama and #4 Washington as well as #2 Clemson and #3 Ohio State. We talk NBA and current events going on around the league and also who our early season MVP is thus far…It’s unanimous and not even close, but we won’t disclose that here, listen to find out who we think it is! The NFL is slowly closing up its regular season and approaching the playoffs and we give you our week 17 picks as well as predict our fantasy football championship between Jeremy and Steven. We also tackle some of the hottest topics heading into the playoffs and how we think things should be handled. Are the Detroit Lions actually just a shiny piece of trash or are they really legit? Which AFC team has the best chance of success with a backup quarterback? Can anyone take down the Patriots in the AFC? We answer these and more in this episode. We also just concluded our 1st Annual O Sports Awards, find out who wins and who we voted for! Follow us on Twitter @OSportsShow and Facebook at www.facebook.com/osportsshow

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