O Sports Show 025: NFL Playoffs

On the 25th episode of the O Sports Show, Jeremy and Scott tackle some of the hottest topics from this past weekend in the NFL. Wild Card Weekend just concluded and the Divisional rounds are officially set and they give you the latest on what has happened in the previous week to give you an idea of what to expect in the upcoming weekend of football, and it’s unanimously decided that this week will surely impress audiences around the country, unlike last weeks disappointing results. #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson are about to square off in the College Football National Championship and the guys give you their input on why this game might be closer than what many people think. Will Alabama close out their historic season? We will find out Monday night. Their have been many firings and head coaching job vacancies in the NFL and the guys give you their input on which jobs are the hottest to get right now and which ones will be open by next season again. Alshon Jeffrey of the Chicago Bears guarantees a Super Bowl next year….He must have too much time on his hands after that disappointing season the Bears had because that prediction has to be one of the worst we will hear for the next couple of years, but their is a window of time that Bears can get it done, it’s just not one year. The show closes out with the guys giving their predictions for the divisional round in the NFL, unfortunately some are too close to call at this point and will have to be saved for when we tweet our picks on our Twitter: @OSportsShow. Also check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/osportsshow for more episodes.

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