O Sports Show 28: Believeland (again?)

On episode 28 of the O Sports Show, Scott, Steven, and Erik discuss some hot topics that have been developing over the past couple of weeks. The UEFA Champions league is down to the second leg of the quarter finals as we creep closer and closer to the UCL Finals. Who will take home the crown this year? Will it be Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid again? The Major League Baseball season is almost two weeks deep and based off of the standings, a lot of division races may come down to the wire even though it is so early in the season. We should also mention that the Yankees are on an eight game winning streak. Sergio Garcia has finally won his first major, winning in Augusta, Georgia, Garcia takes home the coveted green jacket at The Masters. How great of a Sunday was it? We explain just how it compared to last years and the legacy Sergio has given himself after this career win. Who’s the MVP of the NBA this year? Seems pretty clear who it is but we break it down player by player to give you a better idea of who it is. Also, what’s gonna happen in the playoffs? The Cavs are a #2 seed but are still favorites in the East but will that be enough to win the Finals, for one of us, it depends on who they happen to run into from the West. In fairly short news, Tony Romo is the 2nd best player on the Dallas Mavericks, Aaron Hernandez is acquitted of his double murder charge! But is still serving a prison sentence for a completely other murder. What will the Browns do with their #1 pick? Go with Myles Garrett, Mitch Trubisky or someone else? Or just trade it away for better picks. It’s simple when you get down to the basics. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @OSportsShow and also find us on Facebook at facebook.com/osportsshow and give us a like and share around!


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