The O Sports Show Episode 002

The O Sports Show episode #2 is jam packed with NFL, NBA, and MLB discussions. The guys focus on Kobe Bryant’s final game, which everyone is “thrilled” about and the Golden State Warriors setting an NBA record, winning 73 games in the regular season. Trevor Story is one of the hottest players to start a season in MLB history and the guys talk about his impact as a shortstop and the type of player he will become in the majors. Also in the MLB news, Pablo Sandoval can’t seem to keep his pants on, even during a baseball game! It’s not the way you’d think but the guys will go over that and more! What type of impact did Kobe have during his career and where does he stand with the all-time greats of the NBA? Is Kobe the best Laker ever? NFL news: Josh Gordon fails another drug test (shocker), and Johnny Manziel might be homeless? The NFL released it’s 2016 schedule for all of its teams and where do our teams fall next year in the record category? Who’s team will come out on top? Are the Los Angeles Rams going to suffer after trading away all of those coveted draft picks just to get the number one overall pick? How will the Titans respond after receiving all of these picks? At this point, the Titans are in the drivers seat for the NFL Draft on April 28th-30th. The guys also discuss the status of the NBA and NHL playoffs that are going on right now, and how Golden State will perform, despite the record setting season. On our latest version of Around the Horn, the guys discuss issues in the NBA and NFL. Will a new champion be crowned? Tune in and find out. Lastly, someone finally slips a bad word into the show, ending the ongoing question of who will slip first. Who will it be? Tune in this week and stick around for our show next week!


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